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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Yummy  :)
To be extra healthy buy all of the items organic. Above I only used a
few organic items. The rest I purchased directly from Publix.

Start with the below items

ground chicken, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, carrots, green onion (scallions), 
sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, garlic salt, onion powder, and olive oil.


STEP 1: Poor a table spoon amount of olive oil in a pan on medium heat and 
place the chicken in the pan to cook.

STEP 2: Cut up the carrots and scallions. (I cut up a lot because I
like to have the left overs the next day for lunch).

STEP 3: Rip up the ice burg lettuce in to large sections in order to make
a wrap effect for the chicken and veggies to placed inside.

STEP 4: Once the chicken looks something close to the below photo, drain the water (I usually
just use a paper towel because it is less messy). Add a teaspoon of soy sauce and a
teaspoon of teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the chicken to your liking. 
Stir it all around, flipping chicken. Allow a few minutes for the sauces to soak into the chicken.

FINAL STEP: Place chicken in lettuce wraps. Place cheese on top, along with
the carrots, and scallions. Wrap them up and enjoy. 

*NOTE: Some people like the taste of soy sauce a lot, I am not one of them. You can
add soy sauce to the lettuce wraps after they are complete, dip them in it, or whichever. But
I personally like to keep it to as little outside ingredients as possible.

If you attempt this recipe please send me photos! Enjoy!

Perfect Tasteful Protein Shake

Alright, if you don't LOVE the way this tastes you are CRAZY! Just Kidding, but
seriously it's like drinking a smoothie from Jamba Juice only 100% healthier for you.

-----> 100% Gold Standard NATURAL whey protein (Optimum Nutrition
VANILLA FLAVOR. (I use 2 scoops)

-----> Organic Vanilla Soy-milk (6-8oz)

-----> Any ALREADY frozen fruits (whatever fruits you buy,
is EXACTLY what the shake will taste like. That is the perk of buying
vanilla whey as opposed to another flavor. I usually use strawberries and 
raspberries or strawberries and blue berries. Make sure the fruits are frozen,
this avoids having to put ice in the blender.

-----> Blend it all together and ENJOY! :)